Matriculation is the formal on-line process of enrolling in the University of Cambridge and specifically at Darwin College. At Darwin, all new members (except those who have matriculated before either at Darwin or another Cambridge College) matriculate by completing the University Matriculation form. Details of how to complete this and a live link will be emailed out to all new arrivals at the beginning of each term.

Every candidate for matriculation must subscribe to the following declaration: “I promise to observe the Statues and Ordinances of the University as far as they concern me, and to pay due respect and obedience to the Chancellor and other officers of the University.”

You can find the Statutes and Ordinances here.

By signing you will also be giving consent to the processing by the College and the University of your personal data for proper purposes (as described on the statement about the Data Protection Act 1998), and promising to observe the provisions of the Act yourself.

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Keeping Terms By Residence

The University requires that all students ‘keep’  terms of residence in Cambridge before they can be awarded any degree. Residence during a term is normally taken as evidence of a term of research, provided that work is carried out to the satisfaction of the appropriate Degree Committee.

Further information is available here or here.

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Graduation / Degree Congregations

General Information About Graduation

Degrees are conferred and celebrated at Congregations (ceremonial meetings) of the Regent House, the Governing Body of the University, held in the Senate House. Normally, these are held monthly from October to July, although like many Colleges, Darwin does not present candidates at all of them.

The College Praelector is responsible for presenting Darwin’s candidates for ‘conferral’ or ‘celebration’ of their degrees. It is possible for your degree to be conferred ‘in absence’, without attending a Congregation, but graduands are encouraged to experience the ceremony.

All Degree Congregations are now videoed and available both as a livestream and on a catch-up basis for a limited period. By attending in person, you are giving consent to being included in the livestream. It is not possible to take part in the Degree Ceremony and not be part of the recording. A private link for this will be emailed to all graduands prior to the event. The livestream is provided on the understanding that it is a private recording, not to be publicly shared on social media or in any public forum.

Booking for a Ceremony

Graduation bookings can only be made using the Graduation Booking Form.

Once received, bookings will be date stamped and places allocated in that order. All bookings will be acknowledged by email within 5-7 working days.

Confirmation of approval for the degree must have been received by the College from the Student Registry at least two weeks prior to the chosen date. If in doubt, please check with your department prior to submitting a booking. You can book in ‘subject to final approval’ but only do this if you are sure everything will go through in time.

All graduands must be clear of College debt, as in common with other Colleges, Darwin declines to present for a degree those in debt to the College. Please contact the Accounts Office to ensure that you have settled all bills prior to booking:

For more detailed information on graduating please read: Guidelines for graduation.

Graduation Day

Registration and full-dress rehearsal (mandatory)

Prior to the ceremony at the Senate House all graduands must attend both the registration and dress rehearsal with the College Praelector. A full timetable will be emailed out to all graduands approximately one week before the event with further information.

College Reception

The College will host a Reception for those attending (light refreshments with a maximum of three guests).

Collection of Degree Certificates

Certificates will be available on the day to those graduating in person and will be given out as you exit Senate House.


As well as photographing inside the Senate House when degrees are conferred or celebrated, Tempest, the University’s official photographers, will offer studio photography and certificate framing services on the day. Students should bring with them a means of payment (preferably card or phone) if they wish to purchase photographs.



Ideally, students should not bring bags as they will have to be left on the Senate House lawn for collection after the ceremony. If the weather is wet, umbrellas can also be left on the lawn. Once finished, all students should exit via the South-East Gate (opposite Ryder & Amies).

For any queries please email the Deanery Office:


Michaelmas Term 2023

Saturday 21 October

Saturday 25 November

Lent Term 2024

Friday 26 January (in absence only)

Saturday 24 February (in absence only)

Saturday 23 March

Easter Term & Long Vacation 2024

Saturday 27 April

Saturday 18 May

Saturday 20 July (*)

(* Darwin will be the first College to be presented at around 10am so all graduands will need to be in College early. As registration and rehearsal are mandatory anyone considering the July date should aim to be available from 8am).


All bookings must be made using the form available on the College website and not via CamSIS.
Anyone experiencing problems downloading the booking form or with any general queries please email:

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