Pigeonholes for students, Fellows and staff are located in the Porters’ Lodge. Please check your pigeonhole regularly for any mail or notices.

The College address should be used for your mail, rather than your hostel address – this helps you if any packages are delivered as these can be signed for by the Porters’ and it also helps the College to forward any mail which arrives after you have completed your studies.

Large packages or letters will be kept at the Porter’s Lodge and a card asking you to collect them will be put in your pigeonhole. Packages that are being couriered should be delivered or picked up from the Porters’ Lodge. Please make sure the address is clearly marked on the package (preferably typed).

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You may ask the Porters to put posters and announcements on the notice boards in the Rayne Building corridor, as long as their subject matter is apolitical and secular.

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The Porters keep a few spare gowns which can be borrowed for use at Formal Halls or Guest Nights. If you need to borrow a gown please remember to book one in advance.

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Porter’s Lodge

The Porters’ Lodge is situated by the main Silver Street entrance and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tel: 01223 335660            

Mobile: 07774 017563           


All of our Porters are a great source of College and local information.

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Visitors to Darwin

All visitors are requested to sign in at the Porters’ Lodge. If you require any help evacuating in the case of an emergency, please ask the Porters for a PEEP form (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan).

If you are hosting an event in College, please ensure you have advised the Porters or the College organiser ahead of time if any of your attendees require a PEEP form.

If you are a contractor, please ensure you report to the Porters’ Lodge regardless of whether your work is on or off-site to receive a safety and orientation briefing.

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