If you plan to keep a bicycle on site, you will need to register it with the College (either via the Porters’ Lodge or the Bursary) so that it is not removed from the premises and disposed of.

Bicycles racks are available in the area under the Dining Hall, in front of the Rayne Building or near the Old Granary/Study Centre. There is also a bicycle shed in the basement of the Old Granary. Bicycles left elsewhere on College grounds will be removed by the Maintenance team or Porters. Please do not take bicycles into the College gardens, or cycle in College grounds. If you are living in accommodation such as Newnham Terrace, which has bicycle racks in the front gardens, please use them. Bicycles must not be kept in your rooms or brought inside any College properties.

Please note that the College insurance does not cover bicycles. It is the responsibility of individual members to have them adequately insured. Since bicycle theft is common in Cambridge, it is advisable not only to mark them but also to buy – and use – a very strong lock. Take care – cycling in Cambridge can be dangerous. You are urged to wear a cycle helmet and other safety equipment (ie reflective belt or jacket), and to make sure your bike is in good repair, with functioning front and back lights. Cycling at night without lights is against the law and can incur a fine if you are stopped by the Police.

There are several bike shops in Cambridge and the DCSA will be happy to advise on where to purchase either a new or second-hand bike.

The use of skateboards, scooters or rollerblades is not permitted within College grounds.

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Darwin has very few parking spaces available for student use (currently four at Frank Young House).  Preference for these will be given to those with a disability or a need to commute on a daily basis to their school/work placements.  If you would like to be added to the waiting list for a parking space, please email the Deanery Office.

The car park under the Dining Hall is entirely reserved for College Officers and members of staff, and access must be kept clear at all times.

Students under the age of 24 are only permitted to keep a car in Cambridge if their vehicle is licensed with the Senior Proctor.  Full details, including the on-line application can be found here.

Members are reminded, however, that a licence will not be issued unless the applicant has arranged to garage the car in an approved place. Public car parks and the streets, for example, are not approved places.

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Cambridge Universal Bus

The Universal bus service links Eddington with West Cambridge, the City Centre, the railway station and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (Addenbrooke’s Hospital).

This service runs every 15 minutes Monday to Friday, every 20 minutes on Saturdays and every 30 minutes on Sundays.    The nearest stop to the College is just outside the Study Centre (toward West Cambridge) and just opposite outside Queen’s College if you are heading into town or the Bio-medical campus.

For further information, including a full timetable please go to:

Further information on The Cambridge Green Challenge and sustainability can also be found on this page.

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