In a spectacular alignment of donor generosity, Darwin’s 60th Anniversary Giving Day raised a grand total of £60,200, once a few last minute donations were accounted for.

The 36-hour fundraising campaign saw a series of emails sent to alumni and friends of the College highlighting the opportunity to celebrate its first 60 years by contributing to its future. The messages were supplemented by social media posts throughout the two-day initiative, reminding followers of the event, and sharing statements of support from donors and alumni.

Darwin College Boat Club raised £2456.75 through a dedicated feat of endurance which saw members complete a 24-hour Ergathon on rowing machines in the Bradfield Room, livestreamed via Instagram.

Many donors shared messages outlining Darwin’s impact on their lives, and their reasons for choosing to give.

“Darwin were so generous and supportive to me when I became pregnant (lone parent) whilst trying to finish my PhD – everlastingly grateful,” wrote one.

“Although I left Darwin more than 40 years ago, the memory of my time there remains fresh, representing two of the most formative years of my life. Good luck with your many noble endeavours,” said another.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Giving Day so generously for contributing to such a significant and appropriate total!

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