Third year PhD student in Chemistry Niamh Hartley has been elected as DCSA President for the academic year 2023-24.

Niamh takes over from Chelsea Edmonds, who has ably represented the student body for the past year.

Originally from Manchester, Niamh studied as an undergraduate at the University of York, and spent time overseas as a visiting student at the University of Rochester, New York, and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Her PhD research is focused on electrochemical carbon capture.

Having arrived in College under pandemic restrictions in 2020, Niamh had an unusual start to Cambridge life. However, she believes that the limited social contact forged an even tighter sense of community within Darwin.

The DarBar was outside, and it was all very strange, but people made a real effort. And you were so excited whenever you actually got to talk to another person in real life!

Niamh has previously served as DCSA Entertainment Officer, as well as on the May Ball committee, and felt the time was right this year to put herself forward for greater involvement in the interaction between students and the College.

“I realised I really enjoy committees!” she says.

“Chelsea’s worked on a cost of living report, so I want to push that forward to help students survive the current economic state. I’m also really keen to hear other people’s ideas, particularly about sustainability projects.”

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