The Darwin College Lecture Series begins again next week, the latest in a decades-long tradition of brightening the winter nights with some food for thought.

Established in 1986, the series explores a single topic from eight different perspectives over the course of the Lent term. This year, the subject of Revolution will be tackled by historians, geneticists, psychiatrists and astronomers, brought together by Darwin Fellows Dr Aylwyn Scally and Dr John Nilsson-Wright.

The series is open to all, and aimed at a general audience, providing an opportunity to hear from specialists across the spectrum.

“I think that’s the unique aspect of the Lecture Series, that there’s a continuity of theme across the eight lectures,” Aylwyn affirms. “I think it makes it particularly exciting when people who come to the lectures, if they’re able to come to several of them, are able to see how a single idea is addressed by multiple fields, all looking at it from a different angle.”

“The challenge for our speakers is to be able to speak both to a general audience of members of the public, and to specialised experts in their own fields,” adds John. “That’s a really tough pitch. But the success of our series I think, over the years that it’s been running, has been reflected in the fact that we have had people who are very good communicators, and that was very much at the heart of our decision on who to invite. I think we’ve got a good balance between the scientific, the social sciences, and the arts and humanities, which is really the spirit of this lecture series.”

The lectures will take place at 5.30pm in Lady Mitchell Hall each Friday from 19th January. Full details of the speakers and lectures are available here.

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