Wireless Network Service


Darwin College operates a wireless network available to all College members who have a computer with a wireless network capabilities using the /802.11g or 802.11n standards (also known as WiFi). The following information should help you get started using the network.

Connection Instructions:

Darwin College supports and strongly recommend that members configure their devices to use the eduroam authentication service wherever there is wireless access in College as this will work across the University (and beyond).

eduroam logo

Detailed instructions on how to configure eduroam is available from the UIS:
eduroam for Cambridge users (Direct link to UIS Tokens Service)

or you can try the quick setup instructions as follows, in order (may not be suitable for all devices):

  1. Collect your Network Access Token from the UIS Token Service (Raven password required)
  2. Download a suitable configuration tool or profile according to your operating system:


Apple Devices (MacOS, and iOS)

Android Instructions


In the tool or instructions above use CRSID@cam.ac.uk as your login/user name and the token (collected in step 1) as your password.

  • Visitors from other institutions with eduroam credentials should use those credentials issued by their home institution.
  • Users wanting to use web-based authentication (including visitors with a Darwin guest login) should connect to the network advertised as "Darwin Wireless" and open up a web browser and connect to any web-site. This request should be intercepted and you should see a screen requesting you to authenticate to the Darwin Network. You do this by entering your Study Centre login and password. Once these have been accepted you will be directed back to the page you originally requested, and your computer will be able to connect using other network programs (like Mail.app or Outlook).

Other considerations:

  • To use either network you need to configure your network interface to get its IP configuration automatically by DHCP (the default setting on most computers).
  • If you need to use the "Darwin Wireless" wireless network, be aware that you will need to use your CRSID (without the @cam.ac.uk) to log in and that if you haven't already done so, you will need to set up your password first using the College Password Change system (Raven required). Before you log in with the web browser you cannot make any connections with any other programs. Only when you have logged in will e-mail and similar software work.
  • The wireless side of the "Darwin Wireless" network is insecure. Do not use network programs which use plain-text password where secure alternatives exist (eg. use ssh instead of telnet), turn on SSL in your mail program if it supports it, always use secure (https/SSL) versions of web sites when they are available (eg. https://webmail.hermes.cam.ac.uk).