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Adam Rutherford 'Human Origins' Lecture

Adam Rutherford talks about 'Human Origins' in the 2020 Lecture Series 'Enigmas'. Click on 'Featured Lecture' to play.

Since 1986 in the second term of every academic year Darwin College has organised a series of eight public lectures. Each series has been built around a single theme, approached in a multi-disciplinary way, and with each lecture prepared for a general audience by a leading authority on his or her subject.

The Darwin College Lectures are very popular, each attended by around 600 people, so you must arrive early to ensure a place. Stewards at the door follow a strict admissions policy to ensure fairness. An adjacent overflow theatre (with live TV coverage) is provided for those who cannot be seated in the main hall.

For our Admissions Policy follow this link.

Upcoming Lectures

Professor Sarah Bridle, University of Manchester
Food and Climate Change
Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Avenue

Past Lectures

Claire Roddie

Battle Blood

Sara Read

Transitional Bleeding in Early Modern England

Tim Pedley

Blood in Motion: The Physics of Blood Flow

Carol Senf

Dracula, Vampires and the New Woman

Rose George

Blood Villains and Heroes

Walter Bodmer

Bloodlines of the British

Marc Quinn

Blood Sculptures

Sean Carroll

Mysteries of Modern Physics”

Jo Marchant

Decoding the Heavens: The Antikythera Mechanism

Tiffany Watt Smith

The Enigma of Emotion

Erik Kwakkel

The Enigmatic Premodern Book

Tamsin Mather

Eruptions, Emissions and Enigmas: from fuming volcanic vents to mass extinction events”

Albert Yu-Min Lin

Archaeological Mysteries

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