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Darwin College Lecture Series 2021 'Blood': 


In the second term of every academic year since 1986 Darwin College has organised a series of eight public lectures. Each has been built around a single theme, approached in a multi-disciplinary way, every lecture is specifically presented to a general audience by a leading authority on his or her subject.  This year is no exception, and the Darwin College Lecture Series 2021 is now available to view on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. 


2021 - Blood


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Audio and selected videos of the Darwin lectures are available on the Streaming Media Service and iTunesU.


Darwin College Lectures books are available from Cambridge University Press and Amazon

Darwin College Lecture Series archive and publications

2018 - Migration

2017 - Extremes

2016 - Games

2015 - Development

2014 - Plagues


2013 - Foresight

2012 - Life

2011 - Beauty

2010 - Risk

2009 - Darwin

2008 - Serendipity

2007 - Identity

2006 - Survival


Edited by Emily Shuckburgh

2005 - Conflict


Edited by Martin Jones and Andrew Fabian


2004 - Evidence


Edited by Andrew Bell, John Swenson-Wright and Karin Tybjerg (Book details ...)

2003 - DNA: Changing Science and Society


Edited by Torsten Krude (Book details ...)

2002 - Power


Edited by Alan Blackwell and David MacKay

2001 - Space


Edited by Francois Penz, Gregory Radick and Robert Howell

2000 - Time


Edited by Katinka Ridderbos (Book details ...)

1999 - The Body

The Body

Edited by Sean Sweeney and Ian Hodder

1998 - Structure


Edited by Wendy Pullan and Harshad Bhadeshia

1997 - Sound


Edited by Patricia Kruth and Henry Stobart (Book details ...)

1996 - Memory


Edited by Patricia Fara and Karalyn Patterson (Book details ...)

1995 - Evolution


Edited by A. C. Fabian (Book details ...)

1994 - The Changing World

The Changing World

Edited by Patricia Fara, Peter Gathercole and Ronald Laski (Book details ...)

1993 - Colour: Art & Science

Colour: Art & Science

Edited by Trevor Lamb and Janine Bourriau (Book details ...)

1992 - What is Intelligence?

What is Intelligence?

Edited by Jean Khalfa (Book details ...)

1991 - Predicting the Future

Predicting the Future

Edited by Leo Howe and Alan Wain (Book details ...)

1990 - Understanding Catastrophe

Understanding Catastrophe

Edited by Janine Bourriau (Book details ...)

1989 - Ways of Communicating

Ways of Communicating

Edited by D. H. Mellor (Book details ...)

1988 - Discoveries

1987 - The Fragile Environment

The Fragile<br /><br /> Environment

Edited by Laurie Friday and Ronald Laskey (Book details ...)

1986 - Origins


Edited by A. C. Fabian (Book details ...)

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