The Accommodation Office

All routine matters concerned with the allocation of rooms and the day-to-day administration of College accommodation are handled by the Accommodation Manager, Sue Beckwith.

The Accommodation Office is in the Rayne Building, next to the Porters’ Lodge, and is open Monday to Friday.


Tel: 01223 335682

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General Information

We can house 114 members in the main body of the College. Some on-site rooms have views of the river, while others overlook Queens’ Meadow or the garden. A further 160 graduates live in College hostels and graduate houses offsite.

Our student accommodation varies in style, set-up and price. We have 26 self-contained flats for couples, some of which are also suitable for families.

The allocation of rooms is determined by the Accommodation Manager. Where possible this will take into account any personal preferences that members have expressed such as price, location and facilities.

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Licence Fee Calculation

The rent or licence fee charged for a property is determined according to:

1. Size
2. Facilities
3. Location
4. Standard

The calculations have been carefully balanced to try to ensure fairness.

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Council Tax

Students are exempt from paying council tax under most circumstances. However, residents of off-site flats are responsible for council tax duties for themselves and any partner or family member living with them.

At the beginning of each term the Student Registry provides the City Council with a complete list of all postgraduate students on the Register. This should mean that your bill is adjusted prior to being issued. If this does not happen in time you may require a letter (proof of enrolment) from the Deanery Office.

For any queries about Council Tax please contact the City Council.

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TV Licences

It is your personal responsibility to purchase a TV licence for any television receiver brought into College, including for the use of your computer to watch certain broadcast and streaming services programmes. Your home licence will not cover you and there is no College-wide cover. TV licensing authorities make checks on a regular basis and you are personally liable for any fines imposed.

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Internet Access

Wireless network access is available in public and residential areas through the eduroam network. Some residence also have wired ethernet sockets.

Instructions for setting up are available on:

All internet access within the College is governed by the rules set out by the College and University.

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Waiting List

Accommodation on the main College site is normally allocated for one year only, to give as many members as possible a chance to benefit from it. The Accommodation Office holds a waiting list for students who wish to change room or to apply for accommodation in further years. Please contact the Accommodation Manager for details of eligibility and to apply.

Please note that any room changes part-way through a contract will be subject to a £75 cleaning and administrative fee.

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Your College room is provided for your sole use. Sharing or sub-letting is not allowed and is cited in your accommodation licence as grounds for cancellation of your contract.

You are permitted to have occasional overnight guests, as long as you sign them in using the Guest Book in the Porters’ Lodge to comply with fire safety rules. ‘Occasional’ means just that: once in a while or now and then. For example, once or twice a term for one or two nights would be ‘occasional’.

Only one guest per room is allowed. Long-term or regular sharing is not allowed and is in breach of your licence conditions.

Additional beds, mattresses (including blow-up mattresses) and futons are not permitted in student rooms and will be removed without warning if discovered.

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Guest Rooms

Darwin has two guest rooms available for official guests of the College.

When not required for College business, these are released for the short-term accommodation of current members or their guests 30 days before the booking date. These rooms are often in short supply and should be booked directly through the Accommodation Office (

Guest rooms are for shorter stays and may be booked by current members and Fellows for themselves, visiting academics or relatives. The rooms are equipped with a double bed, an ensuite bathroom, and offer tea and coffee making facilities.

All rates apply to the guests occupying the room, not the member booking the room, and will be provided on enquiry to the Accommodation office.

A continental breakfast is available from the cafe during normal operating hours and is not included in the cost of the room.

Guest can check in from 2pm, and must check out on the day of departure by 10am.

Cancellations: Any booking cancelled less than 48 hours before the expected time of arrival will be charged in full.

Payment methods: Available here

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Alternative advice for members

The DCSA Welfare Officers can advise and assist members, and regularly liaise with the Accommodation Manager and the Head of Domestic Operations.

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ANUK Approved Accommodation

Darwin College is a voluntary member of the ANUK/Unipol National Codes. Our student accommodation is regularly inspected by independent external visitors.

The codes reflect a balance of common sense obligations and responsibilities between landlords and tenants. They also reflect established best practice in the sector. The standards are supported by the National Union of Students.

What does being a member of the codes mean?

• both parties can enjoy the benefits of good standards of housing management and practice

• misunderstandings and disputes are reduced

• if problems do occur, they can be promptly resolved, and where they are not the Codes operate an independent complaints procedure.

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Parties in Hostels

Darwin College is first and foremost an academic institution, and we therefore ask you to think of others before organising a party. Parties may only be held in hostel accommodation.

The College expects every member to behave in a responsible manner. Please remember that you have colleagues who may be studying and neighbours who may have good reasons for objecting. The host(s) is/are responsible for ensuring that Fire and Safety regulations are fully complied with throughout the event.

Hosts are also responsible for cleaning up after a party and for any damage to hostel property. Any extra cleaning or damage costs incurred by the College will be levied on the host or hosts.

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Animals in College and Residences

Animals and pets are not allowed to be brought onto the main College site nor into any of the residences.

Requests to bring a registered Emotional Support Animal (ESA) onto University College property will not normally be granted. However, these requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Decisions to allow (or not to allow) an ESA onto College property will take into account:

  • the reasons for the request and supporting medical evidence;
  • the health, safety and welfare of College members and visitors;
  • arrangements to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the ESA and of other animals;
  • adequacy of training;
  • insurance arrangements and cost implications;
  • and, where appropriate, laboratory requirements, licence conditions and any other relevant considerations.

If you wish to bring an ESA onto College property, you should make your request before you arrive so your case can be considered. If your ESA has not been through the approval process you will be asked to remove it immediately.

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Electoral Roll

If you are eligible and wish to vote in the UK, it is your  personal responsibility to ensure you are included on the Electoral Roll. The College will provide the City Council with a list of students living in Darwin accommodation. It is then up to you to register at

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