A seminar held over lunch in the Richard King room

The Science and Humanities Seminars provide a casual opportunity to engage with a diversity of research. An established Darwin tradition, the seminars give speakers a forum to share work in progress in a supportive context, while attendees gain fascinating insights into areas both connected to and completely distinct from their own interests.

Talks take place at lunchtime in the Richard King room.

Darwin is filled with passionate students and researchers looking to solve problems from climate change, to cell therapies, to improving building ventilation. The Seminar Series gives Darwin members a chance to share their research and, perhaps more importantly, gives the rest of us a chance to hear about it and ask as many questions as we like in a relaxed and friendly environment. I have been surprised at how many of my favourite talks are far from my area of expertise, and the lunchtime seminars have become a valued part of my routine.”

Dr Tamsin Samuels, Darwin Research Fellow in Genetics and co-organiser of the Science Seminar Series.

“It’s a great opportunity to talk about your work. A PhD is a lonely process, and your work’s usually only seen by your supervisor. This gives you a fresh perspective. It’s super organised, and made me feel really special, from the posters on display with my name and photo, to the IT and catering set-up, and the fact that my Tutor attended and that even friends who couldn’t make it asked me how it had gone. It made me feel that the College was really supportive and proud of me. It’s a very special way to connect differently.”

Bea Simpson, Darwin PhD student in Education.

Upcoming Humanities Seminars (Tuesdays)

Upcoming Science Seminars (Thursdays)

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